Table Reservation App - Bael

Software for restaurant table reservation

Multiple branches

* Manage multiple branches

* Add branch name and address

* Enable app table reservation

* Add timings

* Begin table reservations

Online reservations

* Guest request reservations online

* Guest selects date and time

* Fills in number of guest

Manage tables

* List current occupancy

* Manage Arrivals and departure of guests

* List tables running

Multiple timings

* Multiple timings for a day

* Add separate timings for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.

Manage Weekdays

* Separate timings for weekdays

* Add different timings for a weekday

* Or declare close on a weekday

Manage Holidays

* Separate timings for date

* Add different timings for a date

* Or declare holiday for a date


* Free for first three months

* 10 US$ / month

* Table Reservation Manual